The Little Red Book of Family Business

Just finished “The Little Red Book of Family Business”.  Its a very small book filled with practical wisdom on running a family business by family business consultant, coach , and author David Bork.  I read this book slowly, a chapter section or two a day, much like one would read a daily devotional.  I did this because that’s how its written, in very small chunks with short, pithy points on subjects that range from Competition in the family, succession the-red-bookplanning and transferring control of the family business.  In the last chapter he gives a synopsis of the book through his “10 Keys to Success in Family Business” which can be accessed here:  10 Keys.  Good wisdom on family business, but don’t look for any elaboration.  Bork is really just pointing your thoughts in a direction.  However, it is a thought- provoking little book.  I feel I will be going back to it as a primer on practical wisdom for family businesses.